WMP Web Servers

These days it is more cost effective to have your hosting outsourced. Let us help you choose a hosting plan:

  • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Upgrades to fit your growing needs
  • From as little as 2MB of space to 150GB of storage with plenty of Bandwidth


Web Design

We offer plans that are designed for the small business owner.

All of our packages can be modified to fit your needs. We make the site you want not what we think you should have. You control the look and we do the work. All sites are setup on a demo server for you to view as we progress with the work you request. We need your input to give you what you want. Most sites can be done in less than 30 days.


What you might need to know about Web Designs:

A web site can help you expand your business, but getting one up and running can be a major project if there is not some thought of what you want before starting the project. A few tips are listed below to help you get started and steer clear of pitfalls.

Before contacting any web site designers, you should have some idea of what you are looking for. A Google search of your industry should list a number of companies similar to yours. Browse these sites, and notice several things.

  • What kinds of functionality would you like your site to have? Will it be purely informational, or do you expect to offer features such as online shopping and response forms? It is not good enough to have a nice-looking site; one must have an effective site.
  • What do the sites look like? Do they use photographs or illustrations? What colors do they use: Bright colors, such as yellows and reds, or subdued colors, such as blues and tans?
  • There is no one way to create a good web site, so make a list of those you strongly like and dislike, and note why you feel that way about them. This list will be very useful to WMP as we try to create a site to match your business and your vision.


Once you have an idea what you like and dislike about other web sites, determine what information your web site should contain.

  • Make a list of the information you want to appear on your web site
  • Write as much copy as possible before contacting a web designer. You can always modify it later if necessary.
  • Determine if there is a corporate image or brand already created, such as a logo, standard fonts, and standard colors used in printed materials. If not, will creating this image or brand identity be a part of the project?
  • Decide if there will be interactive elements on the site, such as forms, polls, votes, and reviews.
  • Decide if you will you be selling products online.
  • Will the project involve application development, such as online event registration, inventory management, quizzes that show results or calculations, and password-protected registration systems? Often prospective clients do not understand that the development of database-driven applications and features drive up the cost of the project.