WMP Web Servers

These days it is more cost effective to have your hosting outsourced. Let us help you choose a hosting plan:

  • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Upgrades to fit your growing needs
  • From as little as 2MB of space to 150GB of storage with plenty of Bandwidth


E-mail Plans

Your business data is your business. So to ensure the integrity of your email, we save three copies of your data in three geographically dispersed data centers. This triple-redundancy system is designed to give you peace of mind that your data will be stored securely.

And if one of your users ever accidentally deletes an email, an entire folder, or even a mailbox, it's easy to restore that data. The system administrator will just need to log in to the control panel and request a data restoration. Backups are retained for 14 days; so as long as the data was deleted within the past 13 days, a complete restoration can be performed.

Your backup data will be encrypted and safely stored in Amazon.com's Amazon S3 storage system, which has a commitment to 100% system availability that matches our own guarantees. The entire triple-redundancy backup system is designed to ensure that your business data will be safe and secure, and there when you need it.

Noteworthy Sync

Users of our Noteworthy product can now keep their calendar, contacts, and tasks synchronized across Microsoft Outlook, BlackBerry mobile devices, Windows Mobile devices, and Noteworthy Webmail–increasing productivity by eliminating the need to enter the same data into several locations.

10 GB Mailboxes

Our goal is to take storage out of the equation—and that's why we offer users huge, 10GB mailboxes. No longer will your users have to worry about cleaning out and archiving their mailboxes to prevent running out of storage space. With 10GB of data storage space, your users can keep all of their emails in their account without deleting them. This helps users to create an effective archive of work activity and provides an excellent way to manage and retrieve information about past projects, decisions, and emailed conversations.

50 MB Attachments

We want to be sure that your users aren't limited by file size limitations when they're sending an attachment. That's why we are one of the leaders in the industry, supporting up to 50MB attachments per incoming or outgoing email. This helps to ensure that users can send and receive important attachments without concern for file size limitations.



Mobile In Synch E-mail With Triple Backup

WMP has added Premium Mail Service this year.

Business Class mail service, SPAM FREE, No Advertisements, triple redundant backup, sync calendars (with outlook), 10GB storage 50MB attachments, and collaborate with your staff.

A total cost of $2.00 per box.

Exchange Clients...

Hosted Microsoft Exchange
It’s Microsoft Exchange - without the headaches of managing it.

Hosted Exchange from Web Maintenance Professional eradicates the overwhelming cost and time investment of hosting your own Exchange server. With WMP you can leave server maintenance and investments to us. In return you'll get unmatched support, anywhere email access and peace of mind knowing your email is being handled by the Email Experts.

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