WMP Web Servers

These days it is more cost effective to have your hosting outsourced. Let us help you choose a hosting plan:

  • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Upgrades to fit your growing needs
  • From as little as 2MB of space to 150GB of storage with plenty of Bandwidth



PHP shopping cart software & E-commerce solutions

Some of the most important problems "out-of-the-box" shopping carts owners usually face are described in few simple questions:

  • "Will this E-commerce solution reflect all edges of my business?"
  • "Can I integrate it into my existing web site?"
  • "What do I do to make my online shop support special functionality?"

Different shopping carts deal with these problems in different ways. There is no universal E-commerce shopping cart software to fit every requirement of every online business owner on the planet, so we developed a concept to provide optimal solution for most E-commerce projects.

WMP-Cart – shopping cart software:

  1. WMP-Cart shopping cart is fast. For most web stores there is no need to arrange a dedicated server
  2. WMP-Cart has a W3C-compliant storefront with a CSS-based layout. And it comes with several professional e-commerce design templates
  3. WMP-Cart is search engine friendly. You can add meta-tags and define custom titles and URL's for product and category pages, which improves standing of your web store with popular search engines
  4. Smarty template engine and simple PHP code make WMP-Cart flexible and easy to modify without great programming skills and knowledge
  5. WMP-Cart professionals are always ready to help you with any technical answer about the software as well as handle installation & configuration tasks for you
  6. WMP-Cart team offers professional design creation and custom programming services. You can get a unique storefront design and a custom-made functionality to ensure the web store meets your business needs completely

More advantages:

Robust feature rich E-commerce shopping cart software is a key in online business success. Its potential can be multiplied many times if accompanied by coherent resources & services to give a hand on the way to online success not leaving you alone when operating live E-commerce web site:


Mobile In Synch E-mail With Triple Backup

WMP has added Premium Mail Service this year.

Business Class mail service, SPAM FREE, No Advertisements, triple redundant backup, sync calendars (with outlook), 10GB storage 50MB attachments, and collaborate with your staff.

A total cost of $2.00 per box.

Exchange Clients...

Hosted Microsoft Exchange
It’s Microsoft Exchange - without the headaches of managing it.

Hosted Exchange from Web Maintenance Professional eradicates the overwhelming cost and time investment of hosting your own Exchange server. With WMP you can leave server maintenance and investments to us. In return you'll get unmatched support, anywhere email access and peace of mind knowing your email is being handled by the Email Experts.